[REVIEW] Learn to Survive from Game Rules of Survival!

If Gadgeteers knows the last man standing style game like buku mimpi Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG) then it is obligatory to recognize Rules of Survival (RoS) in his mobile phone. RoS game itself has the same genre as PUBG ie last man standing, or who last survived he won.

The difference is that PUBG is special for PC / laptop devices (now there’s an Xbox version too), if RoS can Gadgeteers play on Android and iOS (can be played also on PC / laptop but with the help of applications like BlueStack and others).

Playing together with a maximum of 120 other people, Gadgeteers must be the last person to survive. Hearing it may sound difficult because it means players will be facing up to 119 people in the game. Like PUBG, at the beginning of the game we are given time to warm up which serves also to wait for players who have not connected into the game.

After all the players that can reach the 120 people connected to the game, then Gadgeteers will be entered into the plane. The aircraft will fly over an island and all players have to descend on the island. Game with the genre of last man standing is indeed quite unique and will feel different with the various character of his own players. Inside the island Gadgeteers will meet enemies who may prefer to lurk in first, there are more hiding than fighting, and some are using the Rambo system (fighting to death).

The choice of a down position can sometimes be the most important starting point, because when it comes down the first thing to look for is certainly a weapon. There are various weapons on this island, there are AKM, M416, SCAR-L, MP4 (UMP), UZI, and so forth. One character person can only carry four weapons, two long-barreled weapons, one gun weapon, one hand gun. Also please note also the needs of Gadgeteers bags, because the bag is one important element, in the absence of such goods players can only take items with limited. In addition to the bag there is also a bodyguard such as armor or vest, and helmets.

Then it all depends on Gadgeteers, does it want to go out against the enemy or wait for those who come? Well, to solve this problem, the game last man standing genre also gives a circle, which every time will shrink. The player outside the circle will be hit and that means he must enter the circle. Therefore, many people are chasing circle, many people will also meet togel wap and eventually kill each other.

Rules of Survival is quite interesting played, in addition to accommodate more players (120 people), RoS was in terms of graphics have a pretty cool quality and spoil the eye. In RoS there are some additional configurations to make this game more exciting, such as looking right and left, walking settles, and so forth.

So far, so good. Rules of Survival can be one of the recommended games for Gadgeteers who want to feel the game last man standing because they can not play PUBG (considering the required specification for the game is big enough). RoS itself scored 90 on a scale of 10 to 100. To be able to play it, Gadgeteers are required to download it first in the Google Play Store for Android and App Store users benefit iOS users.